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Allow the soul to speak. It speaks honestly. It speaks your truth. Accept the messages your soul brings forth. What you put forth is what you will recieve.
So love yourself and feel your power! And share it with others with an open heart.

Dimension of Unity
To give of your souls resources

Think about how the dimension of Unity can assist in a world filled with tragedy if all souls used their power with focus and direction.
The unity between souls and the power created is where magic resides.

Join us in the creation of a New Earth.

EN-US / A non profit foundation guided by spirit to bring the vibration of the New Earth into the dimension of unity through soul energy in motion.

NO / En non-profit stiftelse med formål om å bistå jordens, menneskeheten og universets evolusjon gjennom kjærlig veiledning fra universell kraft.

Chief of the Holy Land / Ika-na-ou, children of Mother Earth, we greet you and welcome you and thank you for being present to receive this valid and important urgent message for Mother Earth and her beings. You have taken on this challenge to protect Mother Earth, to protect the Holy Land, to unify Mother Earth, humans and the universe as a whole. To bring Mother Earth into a new era, to create a new world, where you, as a human race, can walk with peaceful footsteps, present, in unity, with all living things.

Soul Energy in Motion
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Rainbow Meditation in Norwegian

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Soul Energy in Motion

Soul Energy in Motion
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